To all our Muslim families and friends, 

We are excited to share with you The Eid Seed! We are a Canadian based Ramadan and Eid lifestyle company that provides curated, elegant and festive decor for your home.

Our mission is to make Ramadan and Eid a beautiful, joyous celebration as we sit in the remembrance of Allah SWT. We aim to provide Muslim families with stunning hand-selected decorative treasures that will light up your homes and bring smiles to your children and friend’s faces. 

Our signature product is an All-In-One Ramadan & Eid Home Decor Set. It includes high quality, hand-selected decorative pieces that are not found in retail stores and that are especially unique to our Ramadan and Eid experience. It is the perfect collection to satisfy your Ramadan & Eid decoration needs. 

Unwrap the Spirit of Ramadan and Eid!


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