Glam Gold, White & Silver Balloon Arch Kit

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  • White Balloons (2pcs 12in/ 25pcs 10in/ 20pcs 5in)
  • Silver Balloons (20pcs 10in/ 15pcs 5in)
  • Transparent Balloons (15pcs 5in) 
  • Gold Confetti Balloons (15pcs 10in/ 1pc 18in)
  • Gold Balloons (15pcs 10in) 
  • 1 Roll of Balloon 16ft Strip Tape 
  • 2 Balloon Tying Tools  
  • 1 Roll of 100 Glue Dots 
  • 1 Roll of Gold Ribbon
  • 5 Hanging Hooks

Bring the Eid party to life with our elegant Glam Gold, White & Silver Balloon Arch! This all-in-one chic balloon kit will definitely capture the essence of the celebration. 

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