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Walkers Disruptor Noise Canceling Bluetooth Earbuds with Forward Focus Mode

Walkers Disruptor Noise Canceling Bluetooth Earbuds with Forward Focus Mode

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The Walkers Disruptor Noise Canceling Bluetooth Earbuds are designed to protect your hearing by canceling dangerous-level noises, such as shots at the gun range or while target shooting. At the same time, the earbuds can be used to enhance desired environmental sounds or deliver superior audio originating from a cell phone, tablet, or other device through Bluetooth connectivity. This makes the Disrupter a completely comprehensive noise protection and a best-in-class sound enhancement solution for anyone with an active lifestyle on the range, in the gym, or deep in the wilderness.

Forward Focus Mode

Each earbud has two microphones that allow the user to emphasize sounds directly in front of them while minimizing peripheral noise. (Ideal when shooting steel at long ranges.)

360-Degree Directional Sound

Four microphones (two per earbud) deliver true 360-degree directional audio, allowing users to better identify where a sound is coming from. (Ideal for hunters and those in industrial work environments.)

Active Noise Cancellation Technology

The Disrupter earbuds employ ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) to reduce unwanted background noise, improving concentration and delivering a better listening experience.

Rapid Impulse Cancellation

New IC technology provides lightning-fast reaction times to harmful noise levels to ensure optimum hearing protection.

Ambient Sound Settings

In addition, the Disrupter comes with five programmed ambient sound settings that allow the user to choose the best listening mode for their activity and environment. These include Universal, Clear Voice, Hi-Frequency Boost, Power Boost, and Custom.

Charging Case and Battery Life:

The Disrupter earbuds come in a rugged USB charging case with assorted ear tips. The battery charge lasts up to six hours when Bluetooth streaming or up to 11 hours when used in ambient mode. Two styles of in-ear tips are included with the Disrupter earbuds. Three different sizes of noise-reducing foam ear tips allow for a custom fit and are intended for use when hearing protection is the goal. For general sound enhancement purposes, such as entertainment or communication, the included silicone in-ear tips can be used. Operation of the Disrupter earbuds is done through the Walkers Link 4.0 app. With this app, users can quickly change between the five programmed sound settings, adjust volume, monitor battery levels, and adjust the auto shut-off time via their mobile device or smartwatch. Supported by the Apple Watch, you can easily control the Disrupter from your wrist.

Recommended Use:Sports
Headphone Feature:Active Noise Cancellation
Wireless Technology:Bluetooth
Headphone Style:In-Ear
Headphone Type:Earbuds
Manufacturer Part Number:GWP-DSRPT
Color:Not mentioned
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